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Support Bluetooth with stable transmission and high anti-interference ability enables easy use both indoor and outdoor and assures pleasant wireless music playing experience.
【Bluetooth 4.1 Supported】Bluetooth MP3 Player, compatible with Bluetooth Speakers or Headphones.
【Good Sound with Speaker】 RUIZU D05 MP3 Player has Loud Build-in Speaker, with professional intelligent digital noise reduction chip for high quality sound. Equalizer supported. Repeat play and Shuffle play. 
【Smooth and Metal Fashion】Portable MP3 Music Player, 3.03 Oz Metal body and Smooth Glass Surface. Metal Style with Touch Buttons and beautiful Backlight.
【Strong Memory Capacity】 Built-in 8GB Memories, support up to 128 GB expandable Micro SD card. Save any files on RUIZU MP3 Player as a portable Flash Driver. 
【Accessories and Warranty】 RUIZU MP3 player comes with a pair of customized headphones, a Micro USB Charging Cable, and a manual. RUIZU also promises 1 year warranty for any quality problem.
Specification FAQ Instruction Newest firmware

·         Product Information

Dimensions 3.8 x 1.5 x 0.3 inches
5.6 ounces
1.8'' LCD screen
Screen Resolution 160 x 128
Battery 420mAh
Up to
80 hours playback, fully charged 1.5 hours.
3.5 mm jack single ended
Come with hanging lanyard
Compatible System

·         Bluetooth 4.1 Supported

Easy and stable connection to Bluetooth-enabled devices.

·         Good Sound with Speaker

Built-in front speaker, loud and clear. with professional intelligent digital noise reduction chip for high quality sound. Support Shuffle play, Repeat Play, A-B Loop, Equalizer.

·         Smooth and Metal Fashion

Metallic Design MP3 Player with 1.8'' color LCD screen, 3.03 Oz Metal body and Smooth Glass Surface. Metal Style with Touch Buttons and beautiful backlight. Perfect for your entertainment and learning, outdoor and gym fitness. Come with hanging lanyard.

·         Strong Memory Capacity

Built-in 8GB Memories, up to 2000 musics can be stored, support up to 128 GB expandable Micro SD card. Save any files on RUIZU MP3 Player as a portable Flash Driver.

·         Touch Button Design

Touch button design with luminous light.

·         Multifunctional Music Player

RUIZU MP3 player with functions including Music playing, FM Radio, voice recording , text readinf, picture viewing, audiobook listening Pedometer etc. A nice player for sporting, traveling, or jogging. It is also good for language learning, text reading. 28 languages supported.

·         File Format Support:
Audio: MP3/ WAV/ APE/ WMA/OGG/ AAC/ M4A/ FLAC file.
Text: TXT file.
Picture: JPG/JPEG/BMP file.
Video: 160 x 128 AMV file.

Q1: How to transfer music to the mp3 player?
A: Download music to your computer first, and then connect mp3 player with your computer thru charging cable. A new disk will pop on as flash driver, and drop all your musics to the disk.
You can create folders in the disk to sort your music.

Q2: Why my computer can’t detect mp3 player?
A: RUIZU Mp3 player can be paired for all computer system with latest USB driver. Please update your USB driver before plug in Mp3 player or try another charging cable. It you still can’t connect RUIZU Mp3 Player to you computer, please contact RUIZU customer service team for additional help(See Cover).

Q3: How can I continue audio play after turn the player off?
A: Please make sure which model you have.
1) For X02, X06, X26. There’s a slide switch on the device, if you turn off the switch, the mp3 player will be reset, and you can’t continue your last play. However, just simply hold the Play button for 3s, and it’ll into sleep mode, you’ll continue your last play by hold the play button again.
2) For X19, X50. There’s no slide switch, and you only need to hold the Power button 3s into sleep mode. And do it again to continue your last play.

Q4: Why buttons on the player can’t work?A: Sometime customer will accidentally active lock screen function which prevent button been used. Different model has different way to lock/unlock the screen.
X02: Press left arrow button and M button at the same time.
X06: Hold M button 3s.
X19: Press Power button.
X26: Hold Menu button 3s.
X50: Hold Menu button 3s.
If it still won’t work for you, please contact RUIZU Customer Service to claim your warranty.

Q5: Why Bluetooth can not work?
A: Only certain model such as X06, X26, X50 has Bluetooth function. If you can not find device to pair, try to press the Back button, and turn off Bluetooth function. After turn on Bluetooth again, go to “search the device”, and you should find your device. 2.0 Bluetooth may have some problem to pair with higher version device. 4.0 Bluetooth would be perfect for all version devices.

Q6: Why can’t play FM radio in Bluetooth Mode?
A: For old version Bluetooth MP3 player (2.0 version), you can only play music while in Bluetooth mode, all other functions are not supported. For 4.0 Bluetooth MP3 player, you can access to ebook and FM radio while in Bluetooth mode. However, you still have to use a antenna for FM radio function.

Q7: How to create a playlist?
A: You need some tricks to create playlist. There are 3 default playlist in the mp3 player. However, it is not recommended for you to sort you music. The easiest way to create playlist is to create some folders on you PC/Mac, sort your music or audio to these folders. Then transfer them to your MP3 player, you’ll find these folders in “Folder”or”Folder view” icon in the MP3 player. Now the mp3 will only play music in certain folders.

Q8: How to sort audio in alphabetic order?
A: Customers who enjoy audio book will need files sort by alphabetic order. The easiest way to do that is go to “Artist” or ”Album”. And find certain artist or album you want, all audio will be sort automatically by alphabetic order there.

If your audio files don’t have artist or album info, then you need some tricks. Because MP3 player has different format compare to PC/MAC, files won’t be sort by alphabetic order when you use “folder” or “folder view” function. Some convert software may help you solve the problem. But there’s still a easier way to do that.

Please follow these steps to sort the audio:
1, Prepare you audio book files on PC/MAC.
2, Make sure these files are in correct order by file name. Such as “01 xxx”, “02 xxx”...”50 xxx”.
3, Now plug in your mp3 player and ready to transfer.
4, Create a folder in mp3 player and name it as you wish.
5, Select all audio files and do not copy or cut.(Important)
6, When all files are being selected, move your mouse above the first audio file (ie “01 xxx”) and then right click and copy. (Important)
7, Paste these files to your mp3 player folder, make sure all files are pasted in right order. Otherwise delete them all and redo step 5.
8, unplug the mp3 player, and go to the folder with files, they should be in correct order.

This method is using “edit time” to sort the files, the first file you paste will be the first file be edited. Just make sure, when you’re going to copy files, sort them on you PC/Mac first, then select them all and move you mouse to the very first file to copy.

Q9: How to adjust volume?
X02, X06: There’s VOL button, just hold the button for a while, you’ll get to volume control interface.
X19: When you’re playing a music, press up/down button to control the volume.
X26, X50: There’s +/- buttons on the side, press these buttons to control volume.

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